Who Is Frank?

Frank J. Donohue operated Boeing B-747 jumbo jets all over the world with over thirty-six years of flying experience. He is the author of “School and Schooled, #1 Bestselling author of “Ten Healthy Tips,” “From Hate to Love,” and author of “Frank the Pilot.” Frank is the owner and creator of NOT-Y a pilot video channel featuring Pilot flight and non-flight stories.

At the young age of just 26, Frank achieved his airline career goal with a flight position on the Boeing B-747 jumbo jet. He has piloted trips to over fifty international cities and most of the cities in the United State for both the Flying Tigers and FedEx. For over 30 years he has flown with over 1000 diverse pilots and met thousands of other distinctive people throughout his travels. As a Pilot Frank has a unique skill set that provides valuable information to people through his NOT-Y pilot video channel.

Frank writes for the Quiet Birdman Beam magazine. In 2018 the QB Beam featured Frank’s story “Flying Around the World in Ten Days.” He was also featured in the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) magazine with the story, “Capt. Frank J Donohue (FedEx) Gulp – Solo.”https://www.alpa.org/en/campaigns/my-first-flight/members-home/members/frank-donohoe,.

Frank J Donohue born in New York 1961 is an American pilot, author, publisher and video producer. Frank served four years in United States Air Force. He was awarded the Air Force Commendation Medal for his contribution in computer accounting of aviation fuel. While living in England he obtained an associate’s degree in resource management and a private pilot license. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Science from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in 1985. Frank’s first pilot job was training college students at ERAU to fly airplanes. He soloed fifty-four students during his first nine months of employment. Frank has acquired the Airline Transport Pilot license, Flight Instructor license, Advanced and Instrument Ground Instructor licenses, Flight Engineer License, Aircraft Dispatcher license and Remote Pilot Certificate. He received a prestigious pilot award for over 30 years and 8,600 flight hours of impeccable service for a very distinguished career of flying excellence with FedEx. “Frank’s dedication and commitment played a pivotal role in building the most successful transportation company worldwide.” FedEx delivers over six million packages daily to over 240 countries worldwide and every zip code in the United States. Packages are routinely delivered on time more than 98% of the time. Frank retired from Fedex in 2018.

Originally from Long Island, Frank lives in Virginia Beach with his wife. They have two grown children. He enjoys traveling, gardening, fishing and helping people. He donates time and money to various philanthropic organizations.

You can contact Frank J Donohue on FB, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram and visit his websites:www.frankjdonohue.com, and www.not-y.com