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Reader Reviews

“A fascinating window into the mind of an airline pilot—focused, disciplined and compartmentalized. Capt. Donohue has enjoyed his career and passes on an entertaining buffet of experiences with parenting, health, finances, and religion. A good read.”

Glenn R. Carwell, M.D.

Praise for “Ten Healthy Tips”
I’ve known Frank for 35 years since we began learning to fly together while earning our undergraduate degrees. Amid his reflections about discovering the complexities of metal machines that slip fast and far through the air, Frank has taken the time to reflect on his human experience as viewed from his dream cockpit career. Motivated by retirement, and his desire to impart a world of wisdom to his two sons, he has compiled a top ten list of healthy habits that have guided him through his own personal journey. In this seat back pocket-sized book he shares his rules to live by here in both checklist and expanded-procedure format.

Mark L. Berry, Airline Pilot, Author, and Airways Magazine regular contributor.

“Enjoyed your book – great read!”

Randy Babbitt, Senior Vice President Labor Relations- Southwest Airlines. Former U.S. FAA Administrator. Former A.L.P.A. president.

“I’ve always admired people that live every day to the fullest. Frank Donohue is one of those people. Born and raised in Long Island, NY, he learned at a very early age that if you want to accomplish things in life—you have to take action. In his new book, School and Schooled, Donohue shows you how he did just that. In the first part of the book, he takes you on a ride of sorts (he’s owned some nifty cars over the years), when at the age of eighteen he joined the Air Force and fell in love with aviation, vowing someday to be a pilot. By the age of twenty-six he was flying for a major airline. Along the way he’s lived in and visited many places throughout the world, sharing those experiences with the reader. He’s also had several brushes with death and lived to tell about them! (There’s definitely and angel watching over him.) The second part of the book is more how-to, where Donohue shares with the reader many thoughts he has on subjects as far ranging as finance (and planning for retirement), family matters, religion and education. He doesn’t claim to be an expert on all these subjects, but you just might want to emulate some of the principles he holds for a healthy and well-balanced life. Yea, Donohue’s lived a heck of a life all right; now I’d like to see what he does with the second part of it. I’m looking forward to his next book.”

D. Parker, Author

“Your book is a great read! I also found it inspiring and could identify with many of your experiences. I hope to meet and fly with you again someday.”

Michael Smith, F.A.A. Aviation Safety Inspector

“From near death experiences and mischief to love and parental wisdom, Frank J. Donohue has experienced a lot of things. This warm autobiography takes the reader on a bumpy journey through all of it. A very real, dramatic story with a humorous twist, this is one you want to add to your home library.”

Jeremy Hausser, Avid reader.