Frank’s One-liners

These are some of Frank’s one-liners weaved throughout his books:

  • Safety—live first! It is better to tell a bad, embarrassing story than to die and not be able to tell a story at all.
  • Always remember and you’ll never forget.
  • Doing better than most but not as good as some.
  • Learn from that mistake and don’t make the same mistake twice.
  • We make our money above planet Earth, and it is serious business.
  • You know, you just can’t pull over to a cloud and check the oil.
  • When you get up there, don’t forget to land.
  • I have Yank and Bank school (flight simulator training school).
  • Today’s second officer may be tomorrow’s chief pilot.
  • A cool big-time pilot with a massive ego.
  • Enjoy the day, if not the night.
  • Fly safely. Be safe and legal, then efficient and reliable.
  • Going 600 mph.
  • Always tell the truth.
  • The attitude in the left seat is all screwed up.
  • After now and before later.