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School and Schooled

Excerpt from Chapter 3: Military School of School and Schooled

This time, it was not working.

The wind shifted, and now the scorching brush fires were burning right up to the road. There I was on the westbound lane, gazing at ten-foot high flames, smelling fiery smoke and feeling heat on my face. Only the highway and the unburned median separated us from fire.

If the winds shifted again and jumped the road, we would die. Then I remembered I was carrying a spare 20-gallon plastic container filled with gasoline and a 22-foot hang glider kite – this could easily contribute to a vehicle explosion if the flames were to come closer…

Excerpt from Chapter 4: Undergraduate School of School and Schooled

One beautiful, sunny day while flying a banner, I started smelling electrical smoke. Smoke and fire are the worst phenomenon that could occur on any airplane, especially with aviation fuel on board and no fire trucks on board.

No problem.

I would just turn off the avionics master switch, I thought, and that would turn off all the avionics. Something was probably overheating. Big problem! The burning smell and puffy white smoke, only a few feet from my face, did not extinguish. Big problem! I could not drop my banner on the sunbathers and I did not want to land in the water…

Excerpt from Chapter 8: The Last Thing You Want to Give Up Is Your Precious Sleep of Ten Healthy Tips

When I was in my late twenties, I operated the Boeing B747
jumbo jet from Tokyo, Japan to Anchorage, Alaska. Tokyo
is 18 hours ahead of Anchorage. That means, when it is 3
a.m. in Anchorage it is 9 p.m. in Tokyo on the same calendar
day. On this particular eight-hour flight,………….

Ten Healthy Tips

Excerpt from Introduction

To ensure you are in the best shape to perform at that high level, airline pilots must pass a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) flight physical every six months. Eyes, ears, nose, throat, mental, neurologic, and cardiovascular are tested. Pilots have to pass a urine test, a cholesterol test, a blood pressure test, and obesity weight test. Pilots must also pass an electrocardiogram (ECG) annually. If you fail the flight physical, you cannot fly jets; if you cannot fly jets, you cannot make money … and that is a very bad thing when you are also responsible for feeding and supporting yourself and any dependents.

As an airline pilot for over thirty years, maintaining good health was very important to help me perform at my best while aviating jets and keeping my job. In the process of developing a healthy body and mind. I developed what I call: Ten Healthy Tips.

Excerpt from Chapter 5

Because airline pilots must pass the Federal Aviation medical flight exam every six months, it is imperative to maintain a high level of health all the time. As you already know, if you fail this exam, you cannot fly. For over thirty years I tried to eat the right stuff and avoid the bad stuff to help achieve good results for the urine test, the cholesterol test, the blood pressure test, and obesity weight test.

Are you willing to eat the right foods to live healthier? If you are struggling with choices for what foods are better to consume and what foods you should avoid, use Healthy Tip number four. This is my expanded list of good foods and bad foods. See the special category that may help with cholesterol. Sometimes, I take this list with me when I go grocery shopping. Make your own list of personal preferences to remind you of what to eat and not eat.


Excerpt from Chapter 10

Make exercising fun: dance with a friend, bicycle while listening to music, walk some place interesting like New York City or swim in a new place like Bondi Beach. Choose an aerobic or nonaerobic activity that works for you because inactivity may be the single most contributing factor that causes damage to the human body.

My routine consists of lifting thirty pounds of weights, thirty times in eight different positions and, then, swim half a mile, nonstop, at least three times a week. I bike ride, garden, and fish on other days. Sometimes, I force myself to exercise, but I do so knowing how great I will feel afterwards, when the endorphins kick in. When you exercise, your body releases endorphin chemicals that trigger positive feelings in the body and reduce your perception of pain. It’s like taking morphine without the damage. I feel great after exercising, especially after a swim because of endorphins. Exercising is good for the body. Therefore, always remember and you’ll never forget Healthy Tip number nine.